One Nation Under God. We the People of the United States of America. Focus on truth and unity with love and respect for family, God and our great Country.

We encourage patriot owned and operated America first media and entertainment with a focus on a narrative to work together to make America great again. Our agenda is to help Americans recognize the wonderful blessing that we have in this great melting pot. All lives matter and we have a land worth protecting, together in agreement.

A passion for America

Our comprehensive site will provide access to like-minded Americans and America first media and entertainment.

Artwork by Caius Postimius Turrinus “Keep your eyes on the target”.

Why America First?

Every country should be proud of their own heritage and roots from which they have grown. There is no shame in patriotism and respect for your own country. Healthy individual countries will make a prosperous and great world. It is OK for Americans to bleed red, white and blue.

Patriot Owned and Operated Media and Entertainment

The current world of the MSM media including much of the music industry, Hollywood and Disney have failed America… This is why we will put emphasis on America first, patriot owned and operated media and entertainment. The truth needs to be valued again.




The Word

OurOneNation will highlight the Word and periodically share messages that relate to what we are seeing and doing today. Visit our Youtube page section dedicated to events and moments that relate to the Word and prayer.


Buy American Made

All too often we see big business suck the commerce out of a community and send it elsewhere… OurOneNation believes that money should stay within the local communities and within the community as a first priority. Buy local when possible. Buy American. Support America first manufacturers and businesses.

Churches – One Nation Under God

Our forefathers who founded our country, focused on Christian values with heavy reliance on the Word of God. Our money reads, “In God We Trust.” We are “One Nation Under God.” OurOneNation will connect with local church communities to continue the alignment that was originally intended for our country. Prayer, awareness, events and support are the bedrock of righteousness in America.


Conservative America

The political arena has become so challenging that many Americans have lost trust in the majority of our public servants, do not trust the election process, do not trust the alphabet agencies, the weaponized courts, the executive branch…at this hour. This is why OurOneNation is going to focus on Conservative America. We want to encourage a hunger and thirst for truth, honesty, fairness and patriotism.


A New Kind of Media

Many Americans have been in a propaganda media coma for much of their lives. They may not have know that the current MSM propaganda media has been drip feeding a controlled NARRATIVE designed to lead you towards a predetermined AGENDA.

It is time to turn off what we call the #greenelectricslime and begin to support America first Patriot owned and operated media and entertainment. We will provide links and contacts here so that you can find them easily and begin to network and communicate real issues in truth.

God’s creation is amazing – OurOneNation

OurOneNation reminds you that God’s creation is beautiful. We are One Nation Under God.

“As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

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