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April 13th 2024 Saturday – noon -“Esther Call To The Capitols” Prayer and Praise, On the steps at the Boise Capitol. A Million Women

April 13th 2024 Saturday– Call to the Capitols “Don’t Mess With Our Kids!”

Past Events

APRIL 27th Saturday General Flynn at Harvest Church Meridian 3:00pm 831 Main Street, Meridian, ID 83742 – Deliver The Truth, Whatever The Cost.

May 2nd 2024 – Thursday- NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER


May 11th 2024 – Saturday 7 pm – 9-30 pm America First Republican Social Night- Jarome Bell and Chris Boyd

MAY 21st 2024 Tuesday – GOP Primary Election Day!

May 13th 2024 – 6:30 pm – Conservatives of Idaho at Harvest Church in Meridian, Idaho