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    May 2 2024, Thursday is the National Day of Prayer across our great nation. One Nation Under God. Please take some time and pray for our country and our leadership. Pray that Americans see with clarity and turn the ship using the Word. Thank you and God bless you! National Day of Prayer, Idaho –…


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  • GENERAL FLYNN – Meridian, Idaho

    General Flynn came to Meridian, Idaho for a showing of the new movie. Deliver the truth, whatever the cost. This is a video of General Michael Flynn’s visit to Meridian, Idaho and his interaction with Idaho patriots. There is a link below that will take to to the actual movie itself. I had an opportunity…


    Past events will be archived here on this page. April 13th 2024 Saturday – noon -“Esther Call To The Capitols” Prayer and Praise, On the steps at the Boise Capitol. A Million Women April 13th 2024 Saturday– Call to the Capitols “Don’t Mess With Our Kids!” APRIL 27th Saturday General Flynn at Harvest Church Meridian…

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    Help us the get the message out to all patriots, Christians, conservatives and Americans who love our great nation. Your assistance will enable us to maintain course and focus on promoting America first Patriot owned and Operated media and entertainment. Our goal is for patriotic Americans to write the narrative and plan our agenda for…


    Events will be listed below EVENTS June 28th 7pm and 29th 9am and 6pm – Josiah Company Convocation at Capitol Church 2760 E. Fairview Ave, Meridian, Idaho


    OurOneNation will connect and network with local Bible based, Christ centered Churches and congregations in Idaho to strengthen communication, education and bonding across our State. Praying for our State and its leadership and for our country and its leadership is a powerful solution to aligning with the intent of Americas forefathers. Ours is One Nation…


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    Conservative Idaho News and media links can be found here. These links will help you to locate the information that matters to you as it pertains to issues in Idaho. IDAHO NEWS Action Idaho – Facebook – dedicated to making a difference for all Idahoans America First Warrior – Janice McGeachin News and Interviews AssembleXIdaho…


    AssembleX Idaho is Idaho’s grassroots digital town square, X Spaces connecting citizens on local issues that matter most to Idahoans. Opinions are those of the participants. AssembleX Idaho is part of a larger town square that encompasses the USA with the goal of having an AssembleX in every state. Every Wednesday you can listen in…

  • LIBERTY BASH – Brian Lenney

    LIBERTY BASH – Brian Lenney

    OurOneNation is excited to share the following video that we created for Senator Brian Lenney which included a very special guest speaker Garand Thumb and Brent Regan. Brian is one of Idaho’s greatest patriots in office today. Conservatives will be pleased by his America first decision making and leadership combined with common sense as you…